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APRIL 1989

Original title: DUBEN 1989
Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2021-2022

A few months before the velvet revolution in the Czechoslovakia two teenage boys try to flee and emigrate to the west. With one desire to join the French legion and continue practicing their one and only passion being karate and martial arts. During this quest they see it as a must to murder the whole family of one of the older boys stealing their car. As they depart the murder house they catch the attention of a patrolling police car, which ignites an adrenalin filled car chase through the Czech countryside. After the boys’ crash, they put up a fight with one of the boys being captured and the other fleeing for one more day until also captured. At this moment the police find a trunk full of guns and weapons as well as a house full of bodies. The interrogation of these two teenagers reveals the full scale of their evil actions and messed up ideology, which is all witnessed and trying to be understood by the clearly sane policeman who managed to capture them.

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