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Angel Dust

Original title: Angel Dust

ALMA (13) lives with her FAMILY in a small town in Iceland, where her parents own and run a guesthouse. While vacationing in Spain, Alma gets lost but JESUS CHRIST (33) helps her find her way to a local police station. Her newfound religious conviction does not go down well with her parents or brothers who believe her experience to be nothing more than sunstroke and want her to return back to normal, or at least to stop talking about Jesus. Alma starts doing charitable things, because that’s what Jesus would do. After she loses her virginity to the least popular boy in school, Goth kid LOGI (15), she shamelessly writes about it on social media and claims to be following the example of Jesus by being kind to outcasts. Other parents forbid their children to see Alma anymore and events start to unfold that force Alma to side with either conformity or individuality. What would Jesus do?

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