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Klemen Dvornik

Profession: Producer
Company: Filmservis
Country: Slovenia

Producer Klemen Dvornik, M.A. in Directing. Born in 1977 in Novo mesto. After finishing high school in 1996, he enrolled in the study of film and television directing at UL AGRFT. After completing his studies, he furthered his education at various master workshops (Wim Wenders, Ralph Fiennes, István Szabó, Paul Schrader, Susan Korda). After graduating, he worked primarily as a director of television shows, documentary films, and director of music concert broadcasts. He directed and produced over 100 music videos. In 2010, he filmed his debut feature film "Bread and Games," which won the Audience Award at the Festival of Slovenian Film. His fifth feature film, "Block 5," is coming to distribution in 2024. His bigest internationally success was the TV series "The Lake" (2019), which premiered globally at the Sarajevo Film Festival. As a producer, he signed the feature-length documentary "Sine Legibus" (2019) directed by Milena Olip, which won the Grand Prix at the DocuDok festival, and the short fiction film "How I Learned to Hang Laundry" (2023), which received the Partner Prize at the Sarajevo Film Festival and was selected as a candidate for the European Film Academy EFA Award. Since 2017, he has been an assistant professor of television directing at AGRFT, University of Ljubljana.

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