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Jakub Medvecky

Profession: WriterWriterWriterWriter
Country: Slovakia
Film screenwriter and dramaturge living in Bratislava. For his first feature screenplay for the film "By a Sharp Knife", he was nominated for the Slovak National Film Award Sun in the Net and the Ján Fajnor Award for his screenwriting debut. His second feature project, the feature film "The Victim" by Michal Blaško, took part in the prestigious Cannes L'atelier platform and is currently in filming. In the spring, the documentary "On your marks!" directed by Mária Pinčíková, on which he worked as a screenwriter, the world premiere will take place at the Doclisboa Festival in Portugal. He is currently completing several feature-length scenarios and finalizing his doctoral studies at FTF VŠMU in Bratislava.
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MIDPOINT participants: Jakub Medvecky
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