MIDPOINT Development Executive Training 2024


Become part of the 9-month creative process of developing a new European series and learn from experienced executives how you can push projects and creators to success. Get an eye-opening experience from cooperation with a committed mentor who will provide you hints in leadership, communication or story development.


Learning-by-doing experience

Test your skills in practice. The training gives you an opportunity to observe the process of shaping the initial series ideas into scripts, and learn how you can boost and direct project teams towards the best possible results.

  • watch new European drama develop and be a part of this creative process first hand explore the television and series industry landscape

  • learn how important can be the role of development executive

  • enhance your script editing and communication skills

  • learn to give constructive feedback

  • improve all what you already know in leadership

  • learn how to present yourself as a development executive

  • pitch yourself as the new hot editor and series script consultant within Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event


Eager to find out more? Read an interview with DE training graduates!


A year long intensive program combining various formats

The 9 creative teams, split into 3 groups, work under the guidance of internationally renowned and experienced tutors and in close collaboration with development executive participants who are involved in all parts of the program.

  • All Participants
    Project Pre-Training
    March 2024  | Online

    Project team members are introduced to serial storytelling with lectures and dramaturgical consultations addressing the structural differences between features and series, and tackling the subject of the series concept and a pilot.

  • Development executive participants
    Pre-Training for DE Participants
    March 2024  | Online

    Development Executive participants, guided by their mentor, are briefed and pre-trained in their basic script-editing skills.

  • All participants
    Workshop 1: Series Concept
    March 2024  | Czech Republic

    The creative teams are led to defining their series concept and theme, and outlining their pilot scripts. The workshop consists of group work, individual consultations, lectures and series analysis.


    Each Development Executive is assigned to the group of projects and observes the group work led by the group leader. The participants get acquainted with the dynamics within the creative team. Their learning process is debriefed within meetings with the development executive tutor, as well as the project teams themselves.

  • All participants
    Online Consultations
    April - June 2024  | Online
  • All participants
    Workshop 2: Season Arc and Mini-Bible
    June 2024  | Czech Republic

    Creative teams work on completing their pilots, and creating their season arc and season outlines. They focus also on the project pitching documents, production aspects as well as the financing strategy.


    Development Executive participants continue the involvement in the group, serving as script editors, observing the work on the pilot episode, and getting trained in the financing strategies and production issues together with the creative teams.

  • All participants
    Online Consultations
    July-November, 2024 | Online
  • All participants
    Workshop 3: Pitching and Acquiring Partners
    November 2024  | Tallinn, Estonia

    Each project comes with a revised pilot script, a completed bible, a 3-pager, and a teaser. The workshop emphasizes the creation of marketing strategies, the refinement of pitching skills, and familiarizes participants with the specifics of different segments of the series market.

    The workshop concludes at the established networking market event, offering debates, panels, lectures, case studies, master classes, and the pitching presentation of all projects and participants.


    Development Executive participants attend the pitching training and rehearsals of the projects while also preparing for their own presentations to pitch themselves as industry professionals. They will leverage the networking opportunities at the event for their future careers.


Development Executive Mentor

The Development Executive Mentor attends and co-creates the training program for the development-executive participants, ensuring that it's implemented into group work and that the collaborative set-up simulates a real-life industry environment.



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Program Coordinator

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