MIDPOINT Intensive Iceland 2015


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February 21 - 22, 2015


A Party Beneath a Stone Wall

The Party Beneath a Stone Wall is the story of a couple, Skúli and Ragna, who obviously still love and desire one another but have let their material aspirations run their lives. Instead of drawing ...
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One Kiss Away from Love

Ari is a 30-something fashion-conscious, ambitious advertising copywriter living in Reykjavik in the year of 2007, at the height of the financial bubble. Every weekend someone throws “the party of ...
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The story “Rogastanz” is about SARA, a single 43 years old women who works as a journalist at a helth magazine. Her lifestyle is completely in contrast with the Magazines value. Her main nutrition is ...
MIDPOINT participants: Julius KempIngibjorg Reynisdottir
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The Ambassador

When his publisher gives up on him, middle-aged divorced poet Sturla plagiarizes a college poem, The Lesson, by his long-dead cousin Jónas and enjoys a sudden reversal of fortune which culminates in ...
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Group Leader

Pavel Jech
Czech Republic  
Pavel Jech is a graduate of Columbia University as well as of FAMU, where he has served as dean since 2008. Pavel has broad teaching experience in scriptwriting and dramaturgy, both in the Czech ...
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