The Last Baroness


Diana Kacarova  / Writer
Katarina Krnacova  / Producer

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Margita Czobel was born into a wealthy aristocratic family in Northern part of what is Slovakia today. She was an amateur painter who admired her uncle, a famous painter Ladislav Mednyánszky, and became the last Baroness of the Czóbel family in Slovakia.

Unlike other nobles who escaped from the Communist terror after the World War II., she refused to surrender and stayed in her mansion, witnessing its gradual devastation by the Communists for the rest of her life. For years, the Socialist regime tried to chase her away, took her noble titles and property, left her in poverty and forced a secret agent and poor Roma families into her house. But they did not break her. Even though she was no action heroine by appearance: historical facts describe her as an extremely subtle, frail and sickly woman. The world into which she was raised disappeared, her family died out, she never married, had no partner or children. Small, fragile, cultivated, she stood against the barbarism of the times and the prejudices of society.