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Zagreb, Honolulu

This film is about Sandra, an extremely sensitive woman who lives in her own world. A quirky world that sometimes plays tricks on her and doesn’t let her discern reality from her imagination. She lives with her husband’s family in a giant ugly house above their butcher shop. Her husband is trying to cope with her eccentricity, while her in-laws can’t really stand her. The entire story is happening on the day of her husband’s birthday party, which Sandra has to spend with the family. Being under their constant surveillance puts her under giant pressure. With each course on the table, and with each hour of the day Sandra is breaking more and more, while her husband gets more dissatisfied with her, making Sandra very sad and even lonelier. In the end she breaks up completely. After her husband puts her to bed, in a totally catatonic state- she wakes up to a completely changed reality. Her in-laws and her husband have turned into dead animals from their butcher shop. Sandra flees into the night.
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