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You Don't Know Me

Original title: Nerwica Serca
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2024
Country: Poland

A wild-at-heart rebel, TYMEK (17), struggles with his inner demons. His way of coping with cold family and elitist school is lies, trickery, wittiness; he created a whole persona to survive. But it’s only a mask hiding the dark part of his psyche that his family doesn’t want to see, and he is too afraid to confront. Sick of it all, he runs away from home. But there is one person holding him from leaving the town: IDA (17), a sharp-minded outsider he is madly in love with. During a four day urban odyssey, Tymek learns to drop his mask to build an honest relationship with Ida, and confront the painful truth about his self-harm. An excess of passion, party and a motherly trigger culminate in a self-destructive act, that gets him confined in a psychiatric ward. There he realizes that he was looking for love, but in Ida found someone much more important: a friend, who truly knows him.

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