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Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2023
Country: Germany

On a cold December night in 1938, a train with 500 Jewish children leaves Berlin for Great Britain. Among them are Ruth, Iris, Jona, Henri and Elisa - five Kinder, children of the "Kindertransport scheme". Sent abroad by their parents, to save them from the terrors of the Nazi regime.

Berlin, 1938. Life became unbearably difficult for Jewish citizen, peaking in the November pogroms. While an outrage goes through the world, Great Britain is the only country to take action. They change their immigration laws and take in unaccompanied children in one of the biggest rescue efforts in European history, the “Kindertransport” scheme”. We follow five children between 6 and 16 from different social backgrounds on their way to find new homes, new lives, and new hope.

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