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We're Having a Boy

Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2022-2023

Nika, a soon to be mother, and her boyfriend Bojan are out shopping for groceries. While they are squabbling over pricey pasta, they get briefly interrupted by Jasmin, a Romani boy. At the till, Nika realizes her wallet has gone missing. The search doesn’t bear fruit, and Nika gets upset by Bojan who is ready to leave without the wallet. She again notices Jasmin in the kid’s corner. While she is uneasy about approaching him, Bojan is now willing to do anything to set things right. He tries to check Jasmin's bag. The boy isn’t cooperating and things get quickly out of hand. Meta, the boy’s adoptive mother, rushes to the scene. She calls them out on their racism in front of the curious crowd. Nika’s worst nightmare ensues, but Bojan can’t swallow his pride. They return to the car, having lost much more than the wallet.

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