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Original title: Вакуум
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2020

A man disappeared right from his workplace. The police starts an investigation and finds the only relative of the Missing Man - his grown-up daughter Marta who works as an archaeologist. She has to return to her home city to settle the legal issues, hoping to sell her Missing Father’s apartment and return to her usual life as soon as possible. Martha’s Missing Father was a tomb raider, which is an unbearable disgrace for a grown-up Marta. Unexpectedly, Marta is confronted with feelings for her Missing Father who she never really knew. She starts looking for any leads to find out something about him. Alongside all the bureaucratic litigation, Marta meets the neighbors’ son, Liubchyk, and realizes that he is most likely her half-brother. They quickly become true friends and Marta gradually becomes a part of a world she wanted to forget so much.

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