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The Border

Participated in: MIDPOINT TV Launch 2019

Unable to shake a terrifying delusion that slowly destroys the life of his son and already destroyed the life of his wife, depressed father ZOLTÁN VÁNDOR (33) unwillingly agrees to become a test subject in an unconventional family constellation therapy, which includes physically experiencing his despised ancestors’ traumas in mankind’s collective subconscious, The Abyss. But a wrong decision based on his own underlying fears steers the therapy in an unforeseen angle, and Zoltan quite literally gets lost in The Abyss. Now, he has to race through the clock to find the Original Trauma of his family, a traumatic event which screwed up the lives of all prior family members (including him), by meeting as many relatives as possible, before it’s too late, and he gets stuck in The Abyss forever. To make matters even worse, slowly he needs to realize that Dr. VERA FRANK (40), the conductor of the therapy might have her own hidden agenda with the session: and it seems that it might not include getting Zoltan out of the personal hell he’s been sent to.

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