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Tales of the Wind

Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2015

Everyday after school Jann, Irma, Ante and Spook run into the woods among the wild waste. Far away from the eyes and problems of the adult world, they have found room for their games and a spot to build a secret hiding place out of junk, under an old oak tree. One day during the play, they catch a glimpse of a strange, ghost-like creature that captures their imagination.
Jann recognizes the creature as something he had seen efore in old book his grandfather is hiding in his room.
After sneaking the book out to their refuge, the kids start to read its unusual stories about the ancient mythical beings that inhabit this part of the world and woods. Onward in thein games, somewhere between imagination and reality, they start to explore and meet this fantastic world of sprites, their wonder and its danger. A place for magic and friendship, as Jann starts to connect with one white mouthless sprite.

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