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Stick Insects

It’s a coming-of-age movie. Ania (14) takes care of her autistic twin brother – Tomek. Their mum works & lives for time being in Italy. They live with their old grandma in Poland. Ania manages Tomek with his strange behavior & angry moods quite well. They both spend many hours at their plot – garden. Tomek is excited & bound to his stick insects. Ania’s life gets turned up side down when she falls in love with Jacek (17). Now it’s three of them spending time together. At first Jacek tries to reach out to Tomek. But after some time he lacks patience & right attitude to make this friendship with autistic boy work. At some point Ania will have to make a serious choice between Jacek & Tomek. Ania’s decision leads to a dramatic accident with its all consequences. It’s a movie about first love, family boundaries, prejudice & the proces of maturation.
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