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Original title: Dropping the Ball
Participated in: MIDPOINT TV Launch 2018

Theano is a single, 41 year old nutritionist, going through a midlife crisis in the crazy city of Athens. Theano might believe she is an adult, trying to deal with her own life and ‘save’ her clients, but when an ill-fated romance, Mara heads back into town from Berlin, her life is turned upside down. As Theano pits herself against the everyday struggles and constant fighting with her sister, she and Mara cross paths again and their awkward reunion shows that they both grew apart. Theano, nostalgic for their explosive relationship, does her best to win her over. Mara, uncertain and fragile, slowly gives in. But as they get closer things get complicated. Theano falls for her constantly constipated client, Thimios and Mara’s sugar mama, Rebecca shows up in town. As the clock for Mara’s departure is ticking, Theano's routine goes off the rails and the need to face her past choices with Mara becomes inevitable. Theano feels more on edge than ever as she seems fully unable to handle a second separation.

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