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Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2014

In a small town in Macedonia surrounded by high mountains and abundant natural beauties, lives Neda with her fourteen years old son Angel. Life hasn't been generous to her, but Neda is a fighter and she's ready to do everything to lead Angel to the right path. This is a story of a Macedonian mother and her immense love, who by wishing to do the best actually does the worst for her child. This is a story of a shame as leading power in the life of an “ordinary” Macedonian person. Neda is a modest woman working in her own butcher store living a quiet life in the little town where everyone knows everything about everybody. In this town is easier to live as a widow then as an abandoned women, so when her husband Lazar (who lived 10 years abroad) died, Neda buried him with her own shame. The only worry that she has is her son Angel. Even though he is an excellent student, gentle and dedicated son, he has no friends and lives very isolated life. She feels that he's different than the others, but justifies him saying that he has a delicate artistic cove. Angel very much loves to continue his education in the artistic high school in Skopje. (excerpt)

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