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Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2011
Bucharest, September 2012. 20 years old Mara, is hurrying for a visit at the hospital where her boyfriend Adi lies in a coma, as a result of an accident that happened in late August, while they were hiking in the mountains. But instead of seeing him, she sees a nurse and two bearers carrying a stretcher with a dead body and that makes her think the worse. She runs off, terrified. After a hallucinating trip through the chaotic city, she takes refuge in the subway tunnels where she‖s stripped of all her belongings by homeless people. She doesn‖t care; she only wishes she were dead and gone to the world. But memories of her life with Adi come back to her, as she strolls deliriously deeper and deeper into the underground. She decides to go back and face whatever is waiting for her. (excerpt)
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