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Original title: Zvečarke
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2019

Nadja and Boris, former activist couple, have changed their lives completely. Nadja works as an assistant in a big corporation that is planning to buy a weapons factory and turn it into agricultural land. Boris is striving to lead the presidential campaign for a big tycoon. After Nadja is raped by a colleague, her and Boris world begin to merge. They try to regain their love, balancing between what they are afraid of and what they want. After finding documents that can overturn course of the presidential campaign and the future of the old weapons factory, Nadja tries to save Boris from falling into a trap. Aware of all the lies, she is ready to bring the truth to light. But he isn't. Personal, corporate and state interests are confronted with love and moral values. The future of the whole society depends on their individual decisions. Things start to spiral out of control.

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