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On the Roof

Original title: Na střeše
Yang, a young Asian man, homeless and jobless, finds his way into the good graces of the 75 year old, Rehtaf, who teaches him chess, helps him learn to read, and aids him in a search for love. All the while, Rehtaf is dying, estranged from his family, he finds a son in Yang. Rehtaf, a former professor in his 70s. He is an introvert, a man without a family, who plays chess with himself in his apartment. He is ailing, losing sight, getting dizzy spells, as well.  Yang works in the kitchen of the restaurant. Yang is fired and while he is in the locker room, head in hands, the police rush in, looking for illegals. Yang escapes but not before being chased by an officer. As he climbs up a pole to escape, the officer who is chasing him falls to the ground. Yang is not sure if he is dead...
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