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Original title: Nisip

The film opens with a scene of a farewell party between young villagers. Nisip is the only one who will not go to study in the city, but continue his life in the wilderness of the Danube Delta.
From the beginning we understand that these young people’s sexual instincts are very much awake, they don’t know too much, but they are definitely willing to explore this organic and spiritual side of life, which is sex.
As they return from the disco to their village, by nighttime, these sexual instincts of our young characters bring life to some local myths. We find out about a woman, Samca, who is said to make men lose their minds forever.
When Nisip walks with his best friend, Paul, to the pier from where ships leave to the outside world, he meets a couple of Italians who are willing to explore this primitive landscape where Nisip lives his daily life.
After he says goodbye to Paul, Nisip starts his daily routine. When he comes back home with the cows, he discovers the house is locked and finds out from a neighbor that his uncle is at the graveyard because the jackals dug the graves last night. At the graveyard he meets Baba Listuka, who tries to make him aware of the dark forces that surround the area.
The encounter with the Italians at the village bar will lead to a night boat trip, where Nisip is offered the chance to start a new life in Milan, in the fashion industry, as a model. Nisip is enthusiastic about the offer and decides to join them.
In the next morning they all leave with the ship, but at the middle of the way, Nisip is forced by his inner instincts and desires to return to his village and explore the myth of Samca.

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