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My Last Birthday in Yugoslavia

Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2014
Sarajevo, beginning of April, 1992. KOSTA DIMITRIJEVI (35) officer of the Yugoslav Army, works on the radar system on a mountain above Sarajevo. War in Croatia has already reached its climax and the situation in Army is tense, with a lot of Croatian and Muslim officers leaving the forces. Kosta finally gets a permission to move to Sarajevo, where his family is waiting for him for almost two months. He brings with him a small puppy, which he wants to give as a birthday gift to his daughter TATJANA (5). In Sarajevo, BARBARA (35), his wife, is going to job, as usual, in the sales department of a wire factory. She spent the last few months working on a project that would be a huge step forward in her career. In the factory, workers are unsatisfied because their payments are late for months and they don't have enough material for producing. (excerpt)
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