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Original title: Živi

RADOVAN (42), a Serbian farmer turned smuggler, picks up a group of migrants crossing border. Among them is a young woman BOUSHRA (25) holding her sick daughter AYA (6). Radovan's boss orders him to take away the girl and leave her die. But the girl survives and Radovan decides to leave his life behind and go on a journey in search of Aya's mother. As they travel along harsh illegal immigrant routes, Radovan and Aya become the only family to each other. Two years later, as they reach Sweden, they finally find Boushra. But, it turns out that she has a new husband and a baby. Boushra is faced with a big dilemma: to leave her new life and be with Aya or to turn back on her past forever. Radovan and Aya are sitting on the coast gazing at the sea, as they are waiting for Boushra to come and tell them her decision.

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