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Kyuka - Journeying to the moon through the endless sea

Original title: Kyuka - Journeying to the moon through the endless sea
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2020

A single father and his two mischievous adult twins go with the family sailboat for their yearly summer holidays; an opportunity to take care of their fragmented relationship which lacks mutual respect. Upon arriving on a Greek island, the father becomes friends with a man who is docked nearby and the twins come across a little girl who just lost her mother. Through this incident, the twins unknowingly meet their birth mother who had abandoned them when they were babies and the father soon realises that the man whom he befriended is married to his ex-wife. The father becomes vulnerable and mad. He lures the man and his family over for dinner and takes revenge at his ex-wife by exposing her to her new family and the twins. Overwhelmed, the twins violently escape their father’s grasp. They separate and emerge as individuals, as they realise they want different things in life.

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