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Journey to Rome

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Vasek works as a security guard in a museum. He is 35 years old and still single. His grandmother pushes him to get a girlfriend so their flat line doesn't die out. Although Vasek tries as hard as he can he is not successful. Suddenly, Vasek is unexpectedly picked up by a young and pretty woman called Ginger. Unfortunately he doesn't realize she only tricks him to do something for her and her old lover. They want Vasek to steal a painting from the museum, smuggle it to Rome and sell it. Silly Vasek being in love, he steals the painting and gets on a train to Rome. During the journey he meets a young guy called Felix who also travels to Rome to start a new life. On the train Vasek also meets a different variety of passengers. They all tell Vasek the stories of their lives. When Vasek changes trains in Vienna his wallet gets stolen containing his last money and the train ticket. (excerpt)

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