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Ice Crack

Original title: Trhlina
Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2020-2021

Teenage Alex is the only girl in a boys' ice-hockey team. Her dad Michal, who raised her alone, is the team's coach. He treats Alex like one of the players, both on the ice and at home. Alex herself resembles a guy with her short haircut and body, affected by years of tough training. Yet inside, she is a normal female teenager who has a crush on the goalie Daniel and believes that the feelings are mutual. However, just before the play-off match, Alex witnesses Daniel kissing her more attractive friend Simona. Alex finds out that her teammates have never perceived her as a "real" girl. Overtaken by anger, Alex scores an own goal into Daniel's net. This extreme action won't help her broken heart, but it makes her father Michal pay attention to her. While losing her teammates' respect, Alex discovers a connection with the most important person in her life, her dad.

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