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I'm Not a Child Anymore

Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2014

It is Friday evening and Thomas (16) have to stay home to take care of his little sister, Alice (5), while his parents go to the countryside. Alice is asleep and the teenager believes that this evening is the best opportunity for him to have sex for the first time with a girl, Anna he met at a party last weekend. He calls the girl and she accepts to come over. Thomas calls a friend to announce him proudly that he’s going to have sex before him. Anna arrives and the two teens start to kiss passionately when Alice enters the living room. She had a nightmare and woke up. She wants some hot milk with honey and a chocolate cookie. Thomas apologizes to Anna and goes to prepare the milk for his sister. He puts his sister back to sleep and goes back to Anna who took her clothes off meantime. Thomas starts caressing Anna and he starts undressing himself when his sister appears again in the living room. Alice has a stomachache and she wants Thomas to caress her belly. Thomas apologizes again to Anna and goes with his sister. Alice wants him to read her a story. After reading for a few minutes Thomas falls asleep next to her. Anna is bored waiting for Thomas and goes to Alice’s bedroom. She finds Thomas and his sister sleeping deeply in Alice’s tiny pink bed.

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