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Hundred Years of Silence

Original title: Stoletje molka
Genre: Drama
Country: Slovenia

"Manure is gold and gold is manure, both are 0." These are the verses of Srečko Kosovel, an enigmatic Slovenian poet, who in his constructivist poetry foresaw or predicted the death of Europe in mysterious and still unexplained verses before dying himself at the young age of 22, leaving behind an incredible body of poems and thoughts that are still very much alive and shockingly true today. The film “Hundred Years Of Silence" is not a biographical film but a film about people whose lives were marked and profoundly influenced by Kosovel's work across various periods of time. The introductory enigmatic verses resonate throughout the story as a real test, when a person is at a crossroads and weighs what truly matters in life. In 1956, teacher Zlatka, preparing a speech for the thirtieth anniversary of Kosovel's death, suspects that her husband Franci is a poet who is a spy for the state security, spying on their family friend, the poet Edvard Kocbek. In 2018, during a hacker attack on a bank, cyber bank security guard Aljaž tracks down artist Nika, the leader of the attack, who, as an incarnation of Srečko Kosovel, is preparing a "Cosmic Drama" whose protagonist is an enigma. Personally, outside of work hours, he follows her trail, but when he confronts her and seeks acknowledgment and cooperation, he realizes that he himself is the main character in her drama. The stories of Zlatka and Aljaž intertwine enigmatically and ultimately converge into one.

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