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Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2014
This screenplay is based on the true story of Ewa (34), who is looking for her missing dauther – Monika (17). Monika does not appear on her eighteenth birthday party. Nobody knows nothing. The police do not do too much in this case. Ewa starts to look for Monika on her own. Her boyfriend Kuba (29), helps her. Ewa does everything to find Monika: she talks to her friends, visits Monika's favourite places, informs the press and the TV, pushes the police and even makes use of fortune-teller's skills. There are more false trails, some accuse Eve abduction or murder of her daughter. After very long searches Monika does not find out. The society, especialy the media start treating Ewa like a celebrity, even though the woman tries to function normally. She breaks up with Kuba. She moves her haidressing salon to a garage. She starts live normal but she has hope that Monika is alive. She became better mother without the dauther.
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