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Gritty Eyes

Original title: Oči plné piesku
Participated in: MIDPOINT Intensive SK 2021

Mino, a skinny youth from a disturbed background, doesn’t want much from life. When he grows up, he wants to walk away from his alcoholic mother and become something like his big brother Rado, a make-believe gangster. When Rado’s meagre source of income suddenly dries up, Mino finds himself being pulled into a burglary that smells of trouble. He tries to dodge it, but ultimately gives in to his brother’s manipulation, afraid he might lose the love of the single person who seems to care for him. Mino sneaks into a villa, which turns into a house of horrors where he needs to fight for dear life. Bruised and battered, he manages to escape only to find he’s been dumped by his brother. Overwhelmed by his injuries, Mino loses consciousness and almost dies. The incident opens Mino’s eyes to the terrible truth: the people he trusts the most are the ones who in fact destroy him the most. In order to save himself, he needs to accept the punishment for his deeds; it is his only way to redemption.

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