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Gaja's World - Follow Me

Original title: Gajin svet 3
Genre: Youth action comedy
Country: Slovenia

GAJA'S WORLD is a youth action comedy that introduces us to 16-year-old Gaja and her unusual family. Gaja’s family experiences significant changes after the parents' divorce and the mother's departure on a mission with Doctors Without Borders. Gaja looks forward to her first day of school at the gymnasium, where she meets new classmates. When her first crush comes along, Gaja feels like the world revolves around her. But at the first school dance, her dreams shatter. Gaja shares her disappointment with her mother, who comforts her via video call. During the video call strangers kidnap her mother, who is helping sick children near the Polish- Ukrainian border. Gaja immediately wakes up her family and Chief Inspector Hace. It turns out that a criminal Alex, who is serving a sentence in prison, is the only chance to rescue her mother and the other hostages. Gaja utilizes all her resourcefulness, courage, and proves what truly matters in life and that it's never too late for a change for the better. We conclude the story of the brave Gaja at a formal celebration, which turns out to be an award ceremony for the successful hostage rescue. Gaja and Alex look at each other. "No one is so bad that they can't also be good," we hear Gaja's voice.

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