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Original title: Demokracija, nije to za Vlaje
Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2020-2021

A headstrong, young journalist Tihana picks her car from the repair shop after a repetitive slash of her tires - this morning the newspapers printed her latest report on a corrupted law enforcement. She hurries to see Dinko, the main character of her report, because he refuses to pick her calls. Dinko is a young man stuck between the drug dealers who extort him and the state institutions that ignore his plight. Tihana’s reporting only made things worse for him and Dinko tries to convince her to pull back the report, although that is not possible. Having nothing left to lose, Dinko embarks on a shooting spree, targeting the drug dealers, committing reckless bloodshed in a broad daylight in the tourist-packed city center. In the aftermath Tihana is left guilt-ridden realizing she contributed to the public reaction that invokes an atmosphere of terror and lynch while celebrating Dinko as a hero.

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