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Participated in: MIDPOINT Smash Cut 2021

Sergiu is a 40-year-old graphic designer living in Bucharest. He is a pretty good graphic designer, but doesn’t understand anymore the seemingly pointless competition of surviving from one deadline to another in a jungle where everything you do is forgotten in the next second. One night, in a bar, he meets a young advertiser, who comes from a small Romanian town and makes fun of the advertising level in his hometown. He says that the things are done like in the 90s there. While talking, Sergiu starts building a little fantasy in his head about moving there and succeeding. And he does that. He moves there and in short time he becomes quite a star. He makes new friends and gets involved with a divorced woman, mother of a teenage girl. Unfortunately, the ex-husband wants his family back. Even more, at some point, another gifted graphic designer appears. A young local boy, who wants to be a star there. But there can’t be two stars in a small town.

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