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Original title: CRISSEA IV
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2020

Adrian is a 30-year-old fisherman who lives in Sulina, a small town in the Danube Delta, surrounded by water. He lives with his father and he takes care of him. They own together a small fish shop on the ground floor of their building. Things haven’t been going so well for him lately and he’s in a situation where he needs money. He finds out that a cruise ship with foreign tourists is about to arrive in Tulcea. To get money, Adrian decides to take his boat and go to Tulcea to take tourists on trips to the Delta. There, one night, out of curiosity, he enters the cruiser where he sees his first love, Maria. He did not see her for almost 10 years now. Soon, they recognise each other so they spend the night together. They realise that they are still in love, so they are planning to run away together and give their love another chance.

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