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Bloody Easter

Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2011
Jirka is thirteen years old and suffers from serious heart disease. His parents decide to move to a small spa town in Czech borderland soon after the end of the World War II. They hope this helps Jirka to get better. Because of his illness Jirka has always been an outsider and bullied by others. He hasn‖t had a chance to enjoy boy adventures for which he longs passionately and desperately. At first it seems his life isn‖t going to change. His new classmates bully him too. Ilse – local tailor‖s eighteen years old daughter – sticks up for him. Her Czech family had stayed in the borderland even during the war when they were surrounded by German majority. She knows how lonely Jirka feels and offers him her friendship. With her Jirka finally feels safe. His feelings soon become his first shy and fragile love feelings. (excerpt)
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