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Original title: ASFALTOS
Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2020-2021

All of a sudden, roads start to crack up. Tyrannical asphalt constructor Mastrogiorgis puts the blame on Sokol, the sloppiest of workers, challenging him to step into his shoes. The roads' unexplained manifestation wraps around them as they both show symptoms like their identities switch. Everyone treats Sokol like he has always been the boss and Mastrogiorgis a poor worker. One has access to a life he has always craved for, including a villa with the boss's wife and mistresses, and the other is forced to survive on a day job. Soon things turn out not as they are supposed to: upper-class lusty life has its catch, while canny Mastrogiorgis works his way up, leading workers to an uprise against Sokol, who desperately wants to ditch his position. Roads eventually shutter in pieces, as Sokol's withdrawal and Mastrogiorgis's denial to reestablish himself cause a most common effect in the balance between classes: Anarchy!

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