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A Day Off

Petra (27) and Hector (35) have been together for seven years in an open relationship, and for six years and eight months in an unstained romantic dependency. When Petra decides to have an abortion, bearing a handicapped child, something beyond retrieval occurs. This is their point of no return: Hector commits the painful adultery and she pretends she doesn`t know anything about it. The story starts of on the deserted streets of an obscure small town, somewhere in the south of Italy. When a young woman coincidentally kisses Hector, anxiety and unrest take over their thoughts. Petra grants herself a few hours of solitude on the labyrinthine streets of the now feverish town. The couple of hours prolong into the night turning out to be ”a day off from THEM”. During their 24-hour rambling they encounter bizarre road companions such as Lucia, the edgy transsexual and Edgardo, the troubled teenager. In the night time a series of events will shake the fragile equilibrium of the relationship.
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