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Tomas Baldynsky

Profession: Writer
Country: Czech Republic
Tomas Baldynsky started as journalist and film critic for the most respected Czech media (Reflex, Lidove noviny). Later he joined Czech edition of the world-known film magazine Premiere and served as the editor-in-chief. Later he became the head of the state film funding commission. Then he noticed that everything he considered "a little fun on the side" – meaning founding film festival, starting satirical weblog or black humor website, creating comics or directing documentary film – turned bizarrely successful – and decided to start again, this time on the creative side of the industry. So he developed the first Czech TV sitcom Comeback, both cult and popular and after 51 episodes, tired, shut the show down and looks around, again. Since 2012 he works as a creative producer of the Czech TV Film center.
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