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Martina Slukova

Profession: Writer
Country: Slovakia
Martina was born in 1982 in Veľký Krtíš. After studying acting at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague she performed at the Letí and Dejvické theatres in Prague for the following three years. In 2013, she completed Screenwriting and Dramaturgy studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Since then she has, in paradox, leaned more towards the documentary film genre. She has collaborated on scripts for TV documentaries: Celnice/Colnica - Hrad prepevný, Referendum. Slovak Cinema: Child Fakers, Female First: Ľudmila Šapošniková, Composers: Lament, Protest, Hope. She directed the film about a film True Štúr and The Watchmaker’s Apprentice. She has also written numerous dialogues for TV shows and collaborated on the script for the original Czech fairy tale, The Watchmaker’s Apprentice. She writes mini productions for the Radio of Slovakia. She returned to theater through the play Experiment myší ráj (Experiment of a Rat’s Paradise) at the New Scene of the National Theater in Prague and to acting through the Vosto5 theater, where she performs in the play Společenstvo vlastníků. She teaches a theater movement workshop for seniors at the Na cucky theater in Olomouc along with dancer and choreographer Veronika Knytlová. She co-authored a book with Tereza Olhová, titled ‘Other than that, I’m fine.'
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