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Margarita Gerogiannis

Profession: Writer
Country: Greece

Margarita Gerogiannis is a writer - director in Film, TV and Theater. Margarita holds a Masters in Performance studies on gender - sexuality and feminism by Stockholm University and in Improvisation by Dramatiska in Stockholm. Some of her titles are Ta Noumera (TV Series), On Ice (theater play), As long as I have you (TV Series), Like me Effect (theater play), Kati Xorismena Palikaria (TV Series), The Voice (theater play), F (theater play), The Match (Opera), Freak Show (Theater play). Margarita was also a teacher of theater in Art Schools in Stockholm. Currently, Margarita is developing as a head writer the projects Mipos Eide Kaneis Ton Vasili (feature), Caretta Caretta (TV Series) and The Laundry (TV Series).

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