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Cristina Iliescu

Profession: DirectorWriter
Profession: Writer
Country: Romania

Cristina Iliescu is a Romanian director known for her shorts ' Don't Quit' (2021), 'Mama' (2020), 'Green' (2020), '40+' (2019), 'Not Today' (2014), 'Time Experiment' (2011), 'A Second of Hate' (2004), which have been selected in festivals such as Cottbus IFF, Anonimul FF,Brussels IFF, Tirana IFF, or NexT FF. She studied directing at the Media University in Bucharest and also completed the scriptwriting workshop from Midpoint Central European Script Center. She was one of the most appreciated assistant directors in Romania, having worked for films such as 'Child’s Pose' (Golden Bear 2013), 'Aferim!' (Silver Bear 2015), 'Cold Mountain' (2003) or 'Adam Ressurected' (2008). She is now in development with 'Export Only', her first TV series project.

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