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Besnik Krapi

Country: Kosovo
Besnik Krapi is a producer based in Prishtina, Kosovo. He studied at the University of Prishtina. He has graduated in MAIA Workshops 2015, Creative Aspects, Legal & Financial, Marketing & Distribution and EAVE Producer's Workshop 2017. In 2010 he established the production company Circle Production. He has recently produced Looking for Venera a feature debut by Norika Sefa (winner of Tiger award in IFFR 2021 ). Previously he produced Field of Blackbirds, (KS/UK/AL) ready for release. He is producer of the feature Open Door directed by Florenc Papas (AL/KS/IT/MK) premiered in Sarajevo Film festival. He has also broadened his experience in recent years by working as a freelancer, primarily as a line producer on Unwanted by Edon Rizvanolli; Marriage by Blerta Zeqiri; Shok by Jamie Donoughue, (an Oscar nominated film) etc.
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