Night Shift


Alasdair Bayne  / Director, Producer, Writer
Talat Gokdemir  / Director, Producer, Writer

MIDPOINT Shorts 2021 - 2022

MIDPOINT Shorts project selection


Adeeb, 24, washes up on the shores of Cyprus. On the beach, a sign instructs outsiders like him to turn back and leave; the penalty being death.

Meanwhile, two brothers Gokhan, 32, and Yasin, 22, drive to their regular night shift at the beach. In the distance, gunfire.

Gokhan is desperate to impress his commander at a birthday celebration the next day. He has two cakes with him and hopes Yasin can help decide which one to present. Yasin finds Gokhan’s indecisiveness comical and teases him. Gokhan wishes he never asked him in the first place.

Suddenly, a boat ridden with bullet holes appears on the shore. There is one survivor: Leila, 30. The brothers rush over and threaten her. Leila is distraught; she has no way to leave.

Gokhan decides to make her try each of the two cakes to help him make up his mind.

As Leila tastes each cake there is sudden gunfire. The two brothers are shot by Adeeb, Leila’s brother. They are dead, face down in each cake.

Leila and Adeeb drive away into the distance.