The Annunciation


Aleksandra Kostina  / Producer
Nadia Parfan  / Director, Writer

MIDPOINT Shorts 2021 - 2022

MIDPOINT Shorts project selection


Mary is in her 30s. She has not had any sex for a long time. One day Mary discovers that her period is delayed. She makes an appointment with her gynecologist. The doctor makes ultrasonography and deduces that she is pregnant. Numb after the news, Mary asks to see her best friend Anna. Anna admits that the situation is strange but suggests focusing on rational things — namely, abortion. Mary agrees. Anna offers to take care of the details as Mary has to go back to work. Kate, Mary’s colleague from work, asks Mary to cover for her as she, too, has to see the doctor. Kate is doing an in vitro fertilization after many years of unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant. Mary’s mother visits her without giving notice. Mary tells her what happened. The mother says that she has been praying for this to Virgin Mary. 1 year later. Mary, a baby carriage, and her mother are in the local outdoor playground. They are surrounded by numerous groups of three: a child, a mother, a mother’s mother.