Goran Stankovic  / Director, Writer
Vladimir Tagic  / Director, Writer
Snezana van Houwelingen  / Producer

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2021

TV Launch 2021 introduces selected projects and participants


In 2003, after the assassination of the Serbian Prime Minister, the country plunges into chaos and a state of emergency is being declared. Through the eyes of a young reporter, police inspector and a petty criminal we get to see the bigger picture of the year that marked a turning point in the social-political development of a country. While in the eyes of the public it seems very clear who the assassins are, Danica Mandic (33), a young reporter on the rise, tries to investigate the real story behind the assassination. Her quest for truth leads her to the deepest pores of the corrupted state apparatus. Ljuba (45), a loyal police inspector is put in charge of the investigation but slowly uncovers faults in the case revealing a chain of corruption that leads to the highest ranks of the police force. While a young criminal Uros (20), slowly becomes more and more involved in the activities of a criminal clan that will prove to be behind the Prime Minister’s assassination.