Anastasia Hoppanova  / Writer
Lukas Teren  / Producer

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2021

TV Launch 2021 introduces selected projects and participants
MIDPOINT TV Launch starts the 2021 edition online today
The second workshop of TV Launch starts online today


Lea is a digital security expert who can make her way into any establishment. After her desire to use her skills for good backfires and the company she works for turns against her, she decides to leave it all behind and go on a sabbatical. When one of the country’s finest journalists, Peter, is found dead, she gets a request for one last job- finding proof that the most renowned newspaper in the country was hacked, and the information leak could be tied to his death. Meanwhile, Peter’s colleague Nina, a rising star of investigative journalism, starts her own investigation. But the job brings Lea to another unexpected turn, when her colleague and best friend Seb gets kidnapped, because of his desire to dig deeper into their newspaper findings. Lea joins forces with Nina, who gets her hands on Peter’s encrypted files, and together they begin to uncover a dark scheme behind the upcoming parliamentary elections that threatens to take over the country’s internet.