Anastasia Hoppanova  / Director, Writer
Lukas Teren  / Director, Producer

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2021

TV Launch 2021 introduces selected projects and participants


Lea is a 30-something ethical hacker with a deep dislike of the modern society. She’s competing for a pay raise at a security company, working on a penetration test of the biggest bank in the country. Things go haywire when Lea’s flatmate and a fellow hacker go missing, around the same time as she finds a malicious malware inside the bank’s surveillance system. Using her skills, she goes on to discover it targets people based on facial recognition and their phones, enabling someone to use mass surveillance for dark deeds. When she becomes a target herself, she teams up with an investigative journalist Nina and a wunderkind hacker Teo. Together, they will use their collective powers to expose the far-right extremists behind the disinformation war and free the people who have become victims to their autocratic tendencies. But at the end of their quest, lies another threat – a cyberwar on an international scale, with their country and their actions right in the middle of it all.