Aiste Ptakauske  / Writer
Margarita Veberaite  / Producer

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2021

TV Launch 2021 introduces selected projects and participants
MIDPOINT TV Launch starts the 2021 edition online today
The second workshop of TV Launch starts online today


(S)MOTHERING is a comedy about a group of Eastern European immigrants sharing a flat in Govanhill – a multicultural and exciting neighborhood in Glasgow. The main characters, Eglute and Tony, are a married couple from Lithuania that came to Scotland to earn and save up money for their own farm back at home. In Scotland, Eglute comes to enjoy her new job, new friends – her new life – while her husband Tony can’t wait to go back. The matters get even more complicated when Tony’s mother unexpectedly arrives in Glasgow with a secret mission to rush her son’s and his wife’s return to Lithuania. In an already overcrowded flatshare, the mother’s prolonged visit creates chaos and brings up various underlying problems – for all flatmates, but especially for Eglute who wants to stay in Scotland and to be with her husband at the same time. This complicated situation makes everyone reconsider why they immigrated to Scotland, what they want to accomplish there, and where they feel truly at home.