Aiste Ptakauske  / Writer
Margarita Veberaite  / Producer

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2021

TV Launch 2021 introduces selected projects and participants


(S)mothering is a story of an immigrant household in Govanhill, Glasgow, whose lives are turned upside down by an unexpected arrival of one of their mothers that is hell-bent on restoring the order of the world by returning her offspring to their motherland. The havoc that this mother on a mission creates in the lives of her son, her daughter-in-law as well as their flatmates and co-workers makes everyone reconsider why they immigrated to Scotland in the first place, what they want to accomplish there, and where they feel truly at home. (S)mothering explores different reasons for immigration (persecution, economic hardship, a desire for freedom of self-expression or a fresh start) and different aspects of our humanity that it makes us revisit: our dreams, faith, responsibilities, and relationships to others as well as ourselves.