The Marcelots


Carla Fotea  / Producer
Adrian Sitaru  / Director
Ada Solomon  / Producer
Ema Stere  / Writer

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2021

TV Launch 2021 introduces selected projects and participants


Locked in a studio because of the pandemic and jobless, Eva chooses to move to the countryside when she finds an anonymous online offer for a generous isolated property.

It belongs to Marcel, a local legend who disappeared years ago, famous also for fathering multiple children. Eva dreams to build a community of these children & starts by posting an online message. Surprisingly, hundreds of Marcelots want to join. She selects apx. 30 who join her at the farm.
But what seemed like paradise from afar, quickly turns into hell.
Marcel seems to be alive and the farm becomes an inescapable trap.
Soon, weird deaths are happening, a plane crashes on the land and police discovers wild cannabis in the crops.
Eva turns into an unintentional guru, a hard to handle monster.
The events make them famous and soon new followers want to join.
But after all, why did all this happen? Who is Marcel? And how is Eva connected to him?