The Marcelots


Diana Caravia  / Producer
Carla Fotea  / Producer
Adrian Sitaru  / Director
Ada Solomon  / Producer
Ema Stere  / Writer

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Eva (30), a self-sufficient millennial, has an easy and well-paid corporate job.
But when her mom kills herself and she finds out she has a sister, her life is turned upside down.
Bit by bit she discovers that during communism her mom was part of a hippy community led by local legend Marcel who seems to have fathered multiple children.
Eva tries to track down these children and her presumed sister. Soon many of them show up at the farm of the old community. They call themselves 'Marcelots' and dream of building a new community of their own, but it all turns into hell rapidly.
Marcel seems to be alive and the farm becomes an inescapable trap.
Weird deaths are happening, a plane crashes on the land and police discover wild cannabis in the crops.
The events make them famous and new followers want to join.
Eva turns into an unintentional guru, a hard to handle monster.
But after all, why did all this happen? Who is Marcel? And how is Eva connected to him?