Andraz Jeric  / Producer
Nejc Pohar  / Director, Writer
Jus Premrov  / Writer

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2021

TV Launch 2021 introduces selected projects and participants
MIDPOINT TV Launch starts the 2021 edition online today
The second workshop of TV Launch starts online today


Aleksandar, a former football player turned agent and match-fixer, lets his gambling addiction get the better of him and is forced by his crime syndicate employers to leave a comfortable life in Italy to return to his home country of Slovenia. Unsatisfied with being demoted to an errand-boy, helping the Italians battle for control of the local league with a powerful Asian syndicate, he starts playing both sides of the turf war. He finds a new purpose in taking on a client - Robi, one of the biggest young talents in the league. Aleksandar works to leverage the double game he’s playing to try and help him achieve superstardom and pull them both to the top. But with his high-risk approach, the grasp of the international betting behemoths quickly starts closing in around them. Each episode also bears witness to a story of one member of the diverse cast of characters, affected by the swirling vortex of greed and corruption surrounding the “most beautiful game in the world”.