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MIDPOINT TV Launch 2021

TV Launch 2021 introduces selected projects and participants
MIDPOINT TV Launch starts the 2021 edition online today
The second workshop of TV Launch starts online today


Amrita Sher-Gil (India’s Frida Kahlo), a Hungarian-Indian painter born in 1913 in Budapest. Her non-conformist life, bisexual love affairs and determination to realize her potential encapsulated the ideals of modern feminism. Amrita started studying at the École des Beaux Arts at 16 and became the youngest student to win the prestigious gold medal of the Grand Salon, the only Asian to have ever done so. At odds with those around her, Amrita refused to bow to social conventions but was in turn boxed in by the magnetic pull she had over others. Although she was not above using her beauty, charm, and talent for her own sexual conquests, she often found they were obstacles to meaningful relationships. Amrita produced an impressive body of work during her lifetime. Inspired by Post-Impressionists such as Paul Gaugin and Cézanne, she bridged the divide between her western training and eastern heritage before dying from a botched abortion at the age of 28.